Interesting data about FII Selling

Source : Ankit Chaudhary

Some Observations

  • Maximum selling is seen in countries which share border with China. Are FIIs anticipating something really nasty on the geopolitical front?

  • Despite this heavy selling, Indian and Taiwanese markets have been resilient.

  • Despite a weak currency, high inflation, turkey over last 3 years has been fairly flat.

  • Despite positive flows for 2 years, Brazil has given negative returns overall over last 3 years.

What are your views on the above widely discussed topic of FII selling ?


Saying anything now will be speculating. Also, India and Taiwan has already given good returns in the past 2 years. Korea has also given good return even after factoring in 2021 fall, so this might be some natural trimming in the portfolio and allocation of funds towards cheaper markets with more upside potential.

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India has been resilient inspite of huge selling. So is it possible that this resilience increases confidence of FII on India that they can get a comfortable exit any time they want. And because of this, the next time they turn buyers, they bring even more funds to India than before.

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A) The problem with this data is just yoy net in/out.

Where is the key Total figures of “each country”.
Point is, if $11.2Billion is going out in 2022 from India out of a total $1 Trillion, who cares ?

and if its $11B out $12B, then i will also dump and go to Brazil :rofl:

B) $11B India might be 5%, Taiwan $8B might be 25%. No correlation again with half-numbers.

C) As per ET and other news in last couple of Days,
FDI equity inflows marginally down at $58.77 bn in 2021-22: DPIIT data
However, total foreign direct investment into India rose by 2 per cent to the “highest ever” USD 83.57 billion in 2021-22.

this is FDI, not FPI ( aka FII ) but $58B is also huge.

Not “so” interesting until we can compare data properly, Motilal is just click baiting :stuck_out_tongue:
( Above line is just for humour )

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