International trading platform


@nithin @siva have 1 simple question
instead of investing so much money and time in creating a trading platform why don’t any Indian broker’s allow users to trade directly from charting platforms like NinjaTrader 8, Motivewave or Amibroker.
if such kind of bridge is created then don’t you think it will solve many issues traders face while trading?

  1. Why would above guys would allow other brokers to trade using their platforms? even if they allow to do, they charge hefty amounts which can’t be managed by many brokers, including big ones.
  2. Also exchange approvals are needed if one want to trade on any frontend, it has to have few things in a way our regulators need for which ninjatrader, amibroker guys won’t agree.
  3. All these are exe platforms, now more than 90% of retail trades come from web and mobile, so brokers have to.

Also what kind of issues you are talking about?