Intraday Buying and Selling Question?

If I buy equities 10 times and sold it 10 times on Intraday, I will be charged 10 times meaning per transaction or one time on the total?

the brokerage and taxes will be charge on the total turnover of buying and selling including leverage.
leverage is a facility to you from broker to make position, but the taxes and brokerage will be paid by you only

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Hi iDeshnoor,

The two biggest charges out there are STT & Brokerages. For STT, it doesn’t matter if you trade 10 times or more; all that matters to the government is the total turnover (i.e. aggregate traded amount). However, for brokerages (depending on which broker you have), you will be paying for every order and hence buying and selling more frequently can cost you dearly in brokerages- especially if you do this on a regular basis.

My advise if that unless you have a very specific strategy, try to place as few orders as possible. It will save you a lot of money (brokerage) in the long run.

Hope this helps…

Neha (from VRD Nation)

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