Intraday in CNC shares


If I buy delivery based shares and after the shares arrived in my D-mat after t+2 days if I decide to sell my shares and later that day I buy same shares intraday can I book profit on it.?

If you buy on intraday MIS, your positions will be squared off same day. Yes you can buy intraday even if you sold or bought same shares on same day on delivery (CNC).
Intraday positions & delivery positions are taken separately. But yes, you can always convert your intraday buy positions to CNC delivery anytime during the day before 3-15 P.M

This trade will be considered as an intraday trade, you will make an intraday profit and the Holdings will still be in your account at its initial buy price.

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For CNC one must have adequate balance to buy the certain number of share against the market price, limit price.
For MIS one gets the leverage

How to sell cnc order same day by converting to intraday trade??
Example I bought 100 qty Reliance industries n price is up so I need to book profit there

If you’ve purchased the shares in CNC mode, then place a CNC sell order of the same scrip. The profit will reflect in your a/c and the position will be closed.
In your example, place the following order:
Sell Reliance Industries (RIL) - Select CNC - Enter limit price - Enter quantity as 100 - Done

Suppose if I am holding yes bank delivery from 1 month and I want to trade intraday in yes bank starting with sell call so in this case my delivery stock will be sold??

Let’s say you have 50 shares of Yes Bank in your demat as of now.
1.If you sell those in CNC, then it will be debited from your demat.
2. If you sell in CNC and buy back on the same day, then it will be an intraday trade and holdings won’t be affected (50 shares of yesbank will be intact.)
3. If you sell in MIS, then you need to buy them back before 3.15pm or Zerodha will buy those shares at market price after 3.15pm
3. If you’ve sold them in MIS and you don’t wish to buy them back, you need to convert MIS to CNC.

If I buy shares in cnc and wish to sell same day then in this case there is no option to sell the script purchased in cnc

If you buy in CNC, then you can sell it on the day itself. Just make sure you select the same i.e, CNC while selling. If you do this, nothing will go in your demat and this will be an intraday trade.

You are wrong mac.I have seen and there is no option to sell for cnc purchased shares on same day

I’ll show it to you in tomorrow’s trade :joy:

Hi Rajiv,

Based on my experience, CNC & MIS behave almost exactly the same (including brokerages) if you square off intraday. The only difference is that I get higher leverage for MIS orders but apart from that you should be able to square off CNC just like that of MIS.

The only scenario where, I think, your CNC shares would not have been eligible for selling is if the trading was halted (circuit limit). That would have been the same behavior in MIS too.

Anyway, my 2 cents



@Rajiv1 Read this! The only difference is that you won’t get leverage in CNC.

You can SELL the shares same day in CNC. (If u bought them in CNC).

That is treated as intraday trade.

3 things to be noted.

  1. CNC shares sold goes out of your dp.
    2.any new CNC buy amounts to new buy and day of holding starts from the day of purchase.
  2. stocks which trades intraday can be bought and sold the same day preferably before 3.15 pm and you will make profit or loss according to your trade

No, delivery stock will remain in your account.
Only thing is equally quantity of buy and sell is to be performed before 3.15 pm other wise auto square off take place for equal quantity. If you had bought shares will be sold and shares sold same will be bought.

Greetings to everybody

I just signup and new in this kind of forum and looking some clarity on doubt i have.

  1. What if i buy some equity [shares] with as trade in intra-day, buy and then sell at high little high price, but did not met the price i targeted, then what would happen?
  2. What if i buy some equity [shares] with as trade in delivery, but later i decide to let go on with intra-day transaction, am i allowed to do so?

Thanks in advance to anyone who is going to reply.

If you are using MIS order type, then the RMS will auto square off your shares at 3.20pm

If you buy and sell shares on the same day, then it is considered as Intraday.

i have 500 stocks in my dmat
on wednesday i sold 200 at 16.40 & same day after five minutes i bought 200 shares at 16.35 (ALL in CNC type)
is that above two orders considered as intraday order for same day ?
need answer
thank you