Intraday (lower circuit stocks )

Intraday (lower circuit stocks)

I bought the stock in intraday (with exposure huge qty ) and the stock hit the lower circuit on the same day & continuously till 3 days, the stock which I bought it was intraday I have used the broker money & I don’t have money to pay the broker , will they charge any penalty for this ??? How this settlement will works

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Typically a broker in such a case will give you time till T+2 (when stocks get delivered to your demat account) to bring in the rest of the funds. If you are not able to, most brokers will sell the stock as soon as it comes to your demat to recover the funds, and there are brokers who might give you more time but will charge you an interest for the borrowed funds. There is no penalty as such, but yeah you might have to pay an interest money for the extra money that the broker has funded.

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IF stock get lower or upper circuit hit in intraday can i convert that position from MIS TO CNC OR Any other solution to close that intraday position @nithin

If you have sufficient funds, you can convert buy MIS position to CNC and take delivery of shares. Similarly to convert sell MIS position to CNC, you will need to have shares in your holdings so they can be debited for delivery.

Other than this there’s not much that can be done if stock hits upper or lower circuit.

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