Intraday Nifty Option trading ! Still Viable? Not for me anymore

With almost no NIFTY Option ranges left for hedging and increasing margins , I think nifty trading is very difficult . I love zerodha as platform but seems no one understands that limited option range is such a
big bottleneck for intraday nifty option traders.

The only answer that I understood to resolve this OI problem is to get migrated to Orbis Financial. This migration request is supposed to take 6-8 weeks in this age.

I have built a system using kite connect apis and am finding hard time in deciding to migrate to some other broker.

Has anyone used Interative brokers api for day trading NIFTY options? How is the experience like? Any technical glitches, execution speeds etc?

I may only use IB api to fire orders as for tick feed zerodha code is already in place? Any traders who have thought or implemented something similar?

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