Intraday Option Selling Algo

I am Intraday option seller. Currently, holding cash of Rs. 11.00 lacs in trading account. I need to know which among these or anything else instruments I can buy and pledge them for extra return.

Main purpose will be safety plus decent return. I don’t want to buy equities of any company even blue-chip one.

  1. Liquid Bees (tax treatment debt)
  2. Overnight Mutual Funds (tax treatment debt)
  3. Arbitrage funds (tax treatment as equiy)
  4. Bharat Bond ETF (tax treatment debt)
  5. Sovereign Gold Bond (tax treatment as debt)

Please give your suggestion based on your own experience. Tax treatment is also one of the issue as there is lot of difference in taxation policy among debt vs equities.

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Sorry for out of context question, but which strategy do you use for option selling?

Do you do intraday or position trades?

Nifty or bank nifty?

Specific strategies like strangles straddles or price action based?

Pure intraday Straddle with adjustments/Strangles.

as you’re trading intraday, you shouldn’t need any liquid bees.
Why don’t you try Equity ETFs, nifty bees, bank bees etc