Intraday order type with target for option trading

I know that bo and co orders are not available for option trading.

Currently if i place an intraday day limit order, i have to keep watching whether the order is executed or not. I need to place the sell order manually once the buy order is executed.

The problem with above approach is i need to keep watching the order till it gets executed. Then i need to manually place the sell order.

I am expecting an mis order type with target value. Once the buy order is executed, a sell order will be placed automatically based on target price.

This type of order is beneficial for scalp traders.
I remember making loses due to not watching the order execution. Also this will save the time for retail traders.

This request is for option trading. I am not expecting any leverage like bo or co. I just want the system to automatically place a sell order after the execution of buy order. This is very helpful for option scalping.

If you are serious about it, I suggest to try sentinel once to get price alerts directly on to terminal.