Intraday position at opening

How can an Intraday order automatically placed at opening of the market that is 9:15 am.
(definite buy or sell at opening price).
Thank U.

If you want to place an order without any entery condition being met then, this is not possible. You will have to place Buy - Sell order manually.

You can check out After Market Order, again if your price condition is not met this too will not be executed. Can learn more about AMO here.

If you have any entry condition in mind then @Streak can help you out.

Entry condition is buy (MIS) at the open price of the day.
Or else can I place automated command on streak that convert my futures trade from NRML-MIS, at the time of opening of day trade (Intraday), so that I can use the fund for another trades.
Thank U.

You can place a Buy at 9:16 and the execution will happen at the current price, not the Opening price.

This is not possible via Streak. You have to convert your positions manually in Kite.