Intraday profits not reflecting

How do I see the intraday profits reflecting on the cash balance? It’s been a while since I went long on options.

it will be available the next day. but losses will be settled then and there.

Intraday profits can be used for trading only once they are settled. These will show in your Kite balance on T+1 day.

Thanks, but what if there’s a reporting bug tomorrow? How would I be able to promptly report these issues?

You can create a ticket at


I did receive the intraday profit, but I am not sure if it is correct.
My question here for now is: has Z stopped showing live profits reflected in cash balances during trading hours?

You can create a ticket at Our team will check and have this clarified.

Yes, any intraday profit you make isn’t added to your Kite balance on the same day. This has been applicable since September 2020, when SEBI introduced upfront margin requirements. More on this here: Update 4th Aug 2020 - Margins for trading stocks & Intraday leverages