Intraday Secrets

What do you follow for the pure intraday? Means What are your secrets? :slight_smile:

and I am a very small trader with 50k capital… can I make any profit? Mainly I go for Intraday Cash segments

No secrets as such - just know your strategy, stay disciplined, and use leverage with through understanding.


Please go through the modules of zerodha varstity if you are a beginner. Trust me, its worth having a look at. :slight_smile:
All the very best.

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Controlling emotions and Risk Management. Trading like a smart robot as per your strategy will add more efficiency. Because in Intraday we use leverage which may help us to gain more or loose more. Be calculated in the risk before enter in to trade.


Do not believe in secrets of other people, the secret lies within you, learn to discover your power. Just be thorough with Fundamental Analysis and have a good trading psychology besides a good discipline, a proper targets and risk management.

Trust me, it worked with Warren Buffett, George Soros, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and it still works for me.

only one secret know your stop loss and how to use it ? Back test your own trading rule and be robot to follow it with strict stoploss.


first loose money,then realise what is money.


Intraday options trading is much better thab cash. For cash trading your margins are higher and you have to square-off the same-day (time bound). But in Options, even if you are in loss today, but expect the movement in your direction tomorrow, just hold it. That way the Pressure to Square-off is completely gone.


Day Trading is a risky and challenging pursuit: buying stocks and selling them again in the same day, making money off tiny fluctuations in the price of a stock over a few-hour period is not a easy job. Market makes moves in fraction of seconds and we need to act very fact to be successful at trading.

And we can act fast only when we have all the information about a stock, there are 100's of stocks out there for trading. How do we decide which one we should choose for the day to perform successful day trading?

Based on extensive quantitative research on Indian financial markets, an algorithm has been developed to provide better returns that could beat the human intelligence. 

Price movements of various Stock Futures will be monitored and the Algo picks the high probability trades and instantly triggers the trade alert to your email id.

Algo will mail you the trade alerts in fraction of seconds with the name of the stock, entry price, stop loss and Exit alerts. You could exit the stock once you achieve reasonable profits or you can exit the stock when you receive the Exit mail alert. Check out to get email alerts


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What is my Trading Strategy in Nifty Options Call Put Intraday Trading?

1. Problems with Equity Holdings:-    Huge amount required for trading and if that particular stock or sector goes down u have to wait for years to recover your money. You can not make profits if market goes down.

2. Problems with Equity Intraday:-   Some amount is required, but it is stock specific and sector specific. (This type of trading some what OK, buy trade with research and Nice Buy Sell Alogo Signals).

3. Problems with Futures:-  This is the most dangerous, I dont want to try this at all

4. Problems with Stock Options:'- Again it is stock specific and sector specific.

5. Advantages with Index (Nifty, Bank Nifty) Options: - Less amount required, Can keep for 1 month, and can get profit, if market moves either way. BUT NEVER SELL CALL or NEVER SELL PUT FIRST (Losses will be very high if sell first).

6. The best Option is NIFTY OR BANK NIFTY CALL PUTS ONLY BUY (That too ATM or near to ATM, which are liquid). (That too prepare an ALGO Buy sell signal AFL for this or subscribe).

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How Iam doing NIFTY Options Call Put Intraday Trading? What is my Strategy? What You need? 

1. Basic Understanding of Index options, Call Put etc. 

2. Good PC and or Laptop with UPS (In case of power failure)

3. Broadband Internet/ 3G Net connection. 

4. TV with CNBC Channel (For latest news) 

5. Good Android smart phone with 3G Internet and required App's. 

6. Good Discount brokerage Account which charges you less brokerages. (Iam Using Zerodha).

7. After having everything set, what do you want. Most Importantly you need some tips from somewhere. Generally small investors trade on news seen on TV. They just watch CNBC or some other channel and makes their own decision to trade. But I have seen that they generally make losses with this approach. Small Investors always think that there are people inside market who can give valuable tips about doing intraday trading. After researching in Internet about these tips, I found that these tips do not serves the purpose. 

8. I have subscribed for famous intraday tips for Rs 10000 (Oh my god) for one month, He generally gives one tip in a day. I was trading with major brokerage with 3 in 1 account. After one month trading, what i can see is Rs 10000 for TIPS + Rs 22500 for Brokerage + Rs 2500 Loss = A total loss of Rs 35000.

9. Tips worked for only half time, so what you got is what you loose and some dynamic trading by me made 2500 loss.

10. I have paid Rs 22500 as brokerages (Can u believe this?).

11. Paid Rs 10000 for tips.

After that I have changed my plan stopped trading for a month and checked what went wrong with me? I got this

12. I came to know that in Intraday trading, brokerage commission will play an important role, it adds to the buying cost of a stock / future / option . If it’s high then it would be difficult for the trader to make some good profit intraday. So I have Immediately shifted to zerodha. Zerodha he charges Rs 20 each order irrespective of size of order. (Check the brockerages now with automatic calculator.) 

13. And most importantly i have shifted to a Online web charts with automatic Buy Sell Signals. Which generates buy and sell signals in live market and its very cheap. Rs 1000 only for Equity/F&O. So i have subscribed and started trading.

14. Now my life has changed, I have made Rs 10500 Profit after paying brokerages of Rs 2500 only and Rs 1000 for Automatic buy sell signal.

15. Several times I have missed heavy profits because i have squared off early. Now I got confidence and making nice profits.

16. Zerodha Trading Account + Online web charts with automatic Buy Sell Signals. = Profits.

Thanks and Happy trading.

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Check out the below things you should know before you start Intraday Trading. 

  1. 1/10th Rule: As per this rule, you should always start with only 1/10th of your capacity to invest/lose. For example, if you can afford to invest/lose Rs. 20000 per week, you should start with only Rs. 2000 per week. 
  2. Losses are inevitable:¬†Be comfortable with the truth that you cannot always win the trades. Losses will occur occasionally. If you start day trading with a mindset to get rich quick, you will lose the money and will end up disappointed. All you have to ensure is that you have more ‚Äúwins‚ÄĚ than ‚Äúlosses‚ÄĚ. This is the reason you are advised to follow the 1/10th¬†rule. By investing only 1/10thof your capacity, you will not be disappointed with initial losses. You will have more opportunities to trade as you did not invest all of your capital on a single trade or in a single day. Make sure to place ‚ÄúStop Loss on every trade. If you lose your entire weekly budget in a¬†matter of days, do not trade further. Wait for the next week. There are no shortages of good trading opportunities in the market.
  3. Capital Preservation:¬†This topic is so vast¬†that it deserves a separate article. As a beginner, it should be your primary goal to recover your trading capital¬†as soon as possible. For example, if you are earning 20000 Rs per week on Rs 100000 investment, your investment will be recovered in week 5.¬†So from 6th¬†week onwards you will be reinvesting and trading the profit. You would be less devastated by the losses you face in the trade as it is merely a ‚Äúloss in profit‚ÄĚ. Make it your goal to recover your initial investment before you begin to take more risk.
  4. Trading Plan: The only difference between Gamblers and Day Traders is that the Day Traders have a plan. Do not just trade anything just because it looks fancy. Make a checklist of what you want to trade and back it up with why you want to trade. Learn to read the Candle Stick chart patterns and price action indicators. Learn to identify trends. Do not trade anything without a reason. Your trade must be backed up with proper analysis. At the end of the day compare your results with your trading plan and see where it went right or wrong. You know how gamblers lose their money? When they start losing money they start gambling more in search of the one Golden Bet that will recover all their previous losses. Draw your limits and make sure you do not cross them. Stick to your plans.
  5. Master your Emotions: This is what differentiates an amateur trader from an expert. An expert trader avoids over thinking and over analyzing. If your technical analysis reflects a positive sign on a trade, go for it. Never let greed, temptation and anger muddle your trading decisions. Learn to master your emotions. Market does not care about your feelings. Most of the beginners blame market when they lose money. It is up to you to make proper decisions based on proper analysis. Make sure your decisions are based on your trading plans and analysis, not on your emotions.

7 Steps to become a Successful Trader

Hello Trader,

After following the trading habits of a few highly profitable daytraders, I was surprised that majority of them averages heavy losses to breakeven or reduce the heavy outflow from their Capital.

Averaging on losses: The one thing that an average trader is advised not to do.

For this to work, you need a huge capital and the profitable day traders kitty is always full.

The truth¬†goes with the saying¬†"Money attracts Money.‚Äč"

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risk to rewrd will be maintain 1:2 ratio and avoid more levarage

a lot of secrets are hidden in the tradingqna forum. u need to search with the keywords of ur interest.

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