Intraday trades

Can we trade in intraday at bulk quantities with minimum margin for example if i buy 1000 shares @ 50 and same shares if i sell at 50.10rs
Is it possible or illegal

You can but consider the brokerage and other charges

Possibility-yes, but you need to consider:
a) Your margin availability
b) Stock liquidity. There should be sellers of those 1000 shares for you to buy at that price and vice versa for sell. The lower the spread between bid and ask the higher is the probability of getting filled at the price.

Yes - you can do it and use leverage on your margin if applicable to raise the stakes, it’s not illegal.

Few things to keep i mind - monitor Ask and bid rates.The ticker will only show you one of either. So in your case while ticker might show you the scrip at 50.10 - It might be the ask price - which is what a Buyer will buy at. You have to wait until the Bid gets to 50.10 which is the price at which the seller sells. The difference between these two prices is called the spread - which is what is earned by the exchange.

Also watch out for circuit conditions - if volumes on either seller/buyer side see a surge, exit becomes difficult especially if your position is significantly large in case of a circuit and even brokers RMS won’t be of much use in these conditions.

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