Intraday trading - Best brokers with less charges

Which is best platform for intraday traders. I’m looking for less brokerage and maintenance charges. I generally do around 10 trades a day. Kindly suggest the best app for that. Thanks in advance.

If you are worried about charges no one beats Finvasia

And you don’t get bored of singing the song :grin:

Finvasia and SAS online for 999 PER MONTH unlimited

You don’t get bored when it comes from the soul :sweat_smile:

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Soul is different. This is practicality, this is mathematics.

This is a small solace in the face of losses :sob: :grin:

Who is loosing ?

When it comes from within baat kuch alag hey. You can’t capture it in numbers.

If one is losing, the money saved in the form of charges is a solace, I am talking about me :grin:

Soul does not concern with earthly things is what I mean.

But as I live in on earth, profit is profit :grin:

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Got it.

An action and the material manifestation of the same is the function of a thought inside.

Yes but soul although can be considered as though, or even originates from thought, it does not explicitly concerns with thought, it transcends to another state of being :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Have used countless brokers till date. Overall, the cheapest broker I’ve used is zerodha. Every other large and small broker has managed to be far more expensive (some underhanded practices to make up for their low charges).

Are you a sub-broker for Finvasia?

Nope. Partnership with Dhan only.