Intraday trading - Do We Need To Pay Back The Leverage Amount To Broker That Its Providing For Intraday

I am a long term investor but now want to start intraday trading in equities. I was going through zerodha’s margin calculator related article and came across the page where they have mentioned below detail:

for equities leverage / margine : 50% of the VaR+ELM+Adhoc mandated by the exchange

I didn’t quite understand this.

My question is say if I have 5000 rs capital and I am using MIS option for inraday trading. My total traded value for that day was Rs. 5lacs as I am doing intraday trading using leverage. Do I need to to pay rs 5 lac to broker for using leverage facility.

Please guide

You don’t have to pay the broker anything for using leverage facility.

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