Intraday Trading for begineer

how to understand a particular stock behaviour for intraday trading

Well, there are a large number of tools that help you do so, some pretty useful, some not so much. So learning the basics of Technical Analysis (TA) will surely help probably from Varsity or some decent book etc. Not to start price prediction but just to get a hang of certain terminologies such as Support, Resistance, Reversals, Momentum, Volume, Price Action, etc.

In the meantime, you’re building your market knowledge. Take a particular counter whether a stock or an index. And just track it for some amount of time, say 2-3 months. It’ll be hard to resist to trade in, but paper trade until then. Every underlying has a unique way of moving over time. Not because it is alive or has a brain, but because the traders active in that stock/index, have a tendency to behave a certain way, most of the time. This may help you in setting up some trades.

Of course, sometimes, it would not move as intended, but as a scalper, you live with these, its a part of the job.

Take covered bets, Take small bets, keep a journal and learn from bad trades. Best of luck.

For intraday trading, first you must understand basic technical candlestick patterns. This you can learn from youtube videos by good & registered technical analysts or you can go through the NISM tutorial of technical analysis. Its not that much lengthy so you can easily understand it in 2-3 days.

You can follow experts calls & views on stocks to know how their strategies.
Also, I was exploring BankNIfty & saw a few good technical responses on zoomstocks, it was handy, and I was more confident in my strategy and went ahead and made a profitable trade. think we can share technical inputs there with the users. good place maybe