Intraday trading on Equity Stocks! Can you list down some common strategies?

I have been doing Intraday for past few months, only on Equity Stocks. But could not get a good grasp on any working strategy. Can you just jot some of the common intrday strategies?

  1. Entering the trade when a spike occurs and exiting when the spike is settled, by means of a STOP LOSS entry when price suddenly spikes in that directlion.

  2. Watching out RSI and when RSI is below 20% say, buy shares and hope to sell them when RSI comes close to about 80%

  3. Watching NIFTY index and when there is a sudden rise or fall in nifty and there will be delayed response in the stock price similar to NIFTY, so entering and exiting in that opportunity.

  4. Watching market news

  5. Follow some recommendations from profit NDTV, economic times etc, I have some of them work!

  6. Arbitration between NSE and BSE stock prices.

Also like BTST, buy today evening and sell tomorrow morning when markets open with higher price, Not intraday, but still short term.

Please pour in your suggestions.


There are many Indicators,but no one is 100% result oriented,because market is following artificial Demand and Supply controlled by news,events,greed,fear and inflow and outflow of money.Moreover some tricks are played by operators,groups and financial institutions.Means ,open with a higher level attracting people to buy and gradually drop and open at a lower level attracting people to sell and gradually recover and compel the day traders to cover their short positions at a loss.Media ,suggetions are done by the paid employees of media,some may work,but do not bother about our loss,end up with a disclaimer.

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There is not 100 percent guranted stratigies that work on intraday trading. But you have to master some stratigies and apply some of them at different period interval. It takes time but gives good result