Intraday trading query!

My question is how to identify the stocks that move or behave exactly like NIFTY.

Example: When looking at the daily chart of NIFTY how do we identify the stocks that moves in a similar direction as most of the stocks move in opposite direction.

Thank you.

Nifty doesn’t move stocks but rather stocks move Nifty. Reliance, HDFC Bank, HDFC, Infosys, ICICI, TCS, Kotak, ITC, HUL and Airtel are top 10 stocks by weightage and contribute to most of Nifty’s gains or losses.

You’re talking about correlation coefficient. You can open any chart on Kite and use “Correlation Coefficient” on stock chart vs Nifty.

You will find Reliance and Pfizer have a very high positive correlation. You may find many such stocks over time …