Intraday Trading: Should we consider previous candle for decision maknig?

During intraday trading, we have some conditions which includes cross above/cross below where we should consider previous candles.
So, Should we consider the previous candles as of last day candles or not?

For example:

SBIN : NSE , Candle : 5min

Condition : Place Sell Order when CURRENT CLOSE crosses above 390.

today 10/03/2021 at 09:15; the condition is executed because
Current Candle: (10/03/2021 09:15) CLOSE value : 392.35
Previous Candle: (09/03/2021 15:25) CLOSE value : 387.9

So; here close value is crosses above the 390,
Should we place SELL order for this case?

@Streak Can you please clear?


When you use the comparator as crosses above/below then the system automatically considers the previous candle you don’t have to worry about it.
Crosses above in Streak checks for higher than in current candle and lower than in previous candle and vice-versa for crosses below.
Streak is built in a way to make the most accurate strategies without effort, and we pay special attention to keeping the logic and computation right, and avoiding common pitfalls, like look-ahead bias, slippage, etc. You can read more here : , also

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