Intraday trading

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Can you please suggest me, which are the best shares to be traded intraday basis?

Else, how do you find out these type of shares and on what parameters?

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Google for " 96 best stocks for day trading in India "


You will have to stick to shares that trade with a high liquidity/volume. High volume shares are those which say have an average daily trading volume above 20 lacs. This is a trustable benchmark.

The need for high liquidity is to ensure that you get an entry price and an exit price which is as close as possible to the current market price.

You can further filter stocks in the aspect of the Price at which it is trading. If you are comfortable trading a stock quoting at Rs.500, then you should pick stocks around this range. This stock quoting price will determine your trading quantity, target and stoploss for a specified profit. This is decisive in some sense.

Stocks that traded with volumes above 20 lacs today -

Stock Name - Market Price - Volume traded today

BHEL - 162.45 - 11035418
BHARTIARTL - 365.15 - 12156357
CANBK - 295.55 - 2731142
COALINDIA - 321.90 - 5247380
HINDPETRO - 537.75 - 8487583
LICHSGFIN - 560.80 - 1346522
RELINFRA - 567.65 - 1780406
SBIN - 269.20 - 7941592
TATAMOTORS - 456.75 - 5722402
TATASTEEL - 482.70 - 3402886

I’ve picked 10 stocks for you to start with. You can watch the movement in these stocks before you start trading. See what suits you.

Also, read this up for a guideline on intraday trading.