Intrday profit mechanisc


I want to know the mechanism behind the intraday profit settlement from exchange in Futures (nse , mcx)

Can you please tell when ever i made any INTRADAY profit in futures (nse /mcx) , when will you get the funds from the exchange. And at the earliest when i can withdrawn the profit from zerodha to my bank account.

Few of the brokers are offering next day transfer facility. For Eg : Today i.e 25th Aug, i made a profit of 80 k in Nse and 90 k in Mcx. Then tomorrow i.e 26th i can raise a request before 9.30 (morning) , and funds will be transferred to my bank account till 11.00 - 12.00 in the afternoon same day.

Do you have any kind of facility for clients. And plz let me know the settlement mechanism from intraday profit in futures.

Intraday profits in Future segment gets settled on T+1. You can use the profits to take positions the same day, but in order to withdraw, you’ll have to wait until T+1.