Intrday Trading - Margin - Interest Payment


I am new to Trading. if I do Intraday trading using Margin (MIS), do i need to pay interest to the borrowed money?

No need to pay any interest for using intrady products, broker will fund that money as they earn brokerage if clients trades.


Thank u for the clarification

@ShubhS9 is 50-50% rule applies for intra-day? I mean can i use complete margin of pledge share without paying interest charge of 0.05% ? ( Consider I have no cash or cash components )

50-50% margin rule is applicable only for overnight positions.

No interest charge for intraday trades,

and I will be able to place order without cash? Only with collateral share margin?

@Siva can you clarify this.

System will allow but ideally one should not be placing.

I understand overnight position will lead to interest, but any problem in intraday?

No charges but ideally one should not do even though system allows.

In case your trades turn into losses and with no cash in your account to cover them brokers RMS team can sell your pledged stocks to make up for those losses.

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