Introducing notes on Kite web

At any given point in time, you may be tracking multiple stocks for different reasons. Even if you add the stocks on your marketwatch, it’s hard to remember all the reasons why you added them. Now, you can easily add a quick note about why you are interested in a stock right in your marketwatch.

To add a note:

  1. Click on ⋯
  2. Click on Notes.
  3. Type out the reason for adding the instrument.
  4. Click on ✓

The notes added to an instrument on the marketwatch are only valid for that marketwatch and will not appear under the same instrument in other marketwatches.

To hide the notes:

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Unselect Show notes.

PS: Notes is currently available only on the Kite web and will soon be available on the Kite app.

Learn more about notes here: What is the notes feature on Kite and how to use it?


@ShubhS9 what about treding view update like auto save ,position show etc etc