Introduction of T+1 Rolling settlement on an optional basis

As per the attached list of stocks and their phasewise schedule for transition to T+1 , we’ll get the last set of stocks to move on 27th January 2023. The last ones to move to this arrangement is going to be all largecap stocks.

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Read some article today that T+1 is going to be mandatory…and in phases, starting from the bottom 100 scrips by mcap.

Where to find t+1 settlement stock list?

Here is the first set of 100 stocks that will be settled T+1 that had gone live from the 25th of February 2022.

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I recently bought Sanofi India for getting a dividend. Is this stock on this T+1 or T+2 list?

And I also want to know, can I sell this stock on the Ex-dividend date? And still, I get a dividend or not.

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Sanofi India is under T+2 settlement. You can check this on BSE website, they display Group and Settlement Type for each stock on the stock quote page.

Also, you can sell the shares on ex-dividend date. You will still be eligible to receive dividends.

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You can sell any stock post ex-div and get dividend.

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can we sell stock on T+1 or T+2 day?

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Either of the days. Today when you sell on T+1 there is a short delivery risk which wouldn’t exist once we have moved to T+1 settlement cycle.

If I buy RELIANCE on 11th July, and sell on 12th July morning. I can’t get short delivery penalty?? I thought, shares will get credited on 12th July evening in my Dmat account. So I can safely sell only on 13th July, in T+1 settlement.

Just want to confirm with this example. Thanks

Edit: Question is assuming RELIANCE is in T1 settlement.

please check list of stocks for T+1 settlement.

@shubs9 so in short i cannot buy a share today and sell it today itself unless it is intraday.
only after it reaches our demat account we can sell.
i know it is a elementary question but i have been doing only derivatives for long.
kindly enlighten me.
@ shubs9 i read the nithin article what i understood (t1settlement) is u can only sell the shares u bought today tomorrow, u cannot sell it today.
further u cannot sell shares u dont have in your account,
is my inference [email protected] shubs9

You will be able to do intraday trades in stocks, just like it is now. There are some stocks that are in the trade-to-trade segment, which means these can be sold only once they are credited to your demat account, intraday trading and BTST is not possible. You can learn more about this here: What are Trade to Trade or T2T stocks?

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@ShubhS9 ok thanks

From 25th January 2023 onwards, the final batch of securities including stocks, ETFs, debt instruments, REITs, and InvITs will be moving to the T+1 settlement cycle.

Due to a change in the settlement cycle, any of these stocks bought on Wednesday, 25th January 2023, will not be available for selling on Friday, 27th January 2023 due to the risk of short delivery and subsequent auction penalty which can be up to 20%. They will be settled by the exchange on Monday as per the old T+2 settlement cycle and will be available for selling on Monday.

Stocks bought on Friday will be settled as per their new settlement cycle, T+1, and will be available for selling on Monday.

The credit received from selling these T1 settled stocks will be available for withdrawal from the next day itself, that is on T+1.

But certain stocks on Zerodha are not even settled after it has gone through T+1 i.e., stock purchased on Monday should be settled by Tuesday and should be showing under Quantity but sadly it shows under T1 near the stock quantity. Check screenshot

That has been the case with the T+2 settlement. I observed this because I purchase certain portion of stocks on CNC basis whenever there is a dip.

How can we check whether the stock quantity has been settled or not. Like for example a stock purchased today at 10 AM, can we know exact time when it’s settled or any process to check actual settlement?

Exchanges have been moving stocks to T+1 settlement in phased manner. The stock you purchased might not have moved to T+1 settlement. Can you DM me the name of the stock and your Client ID? Will check and clarify this.

From today, T+1 settlement will be applicable for all the stocks, ETFs, debt instruments, REITs and InvITs. More on this here: Change in settlement cycle for all securities from Friday - 27th January 2023

Whenever shares are credited or debited from your demat account, you will get email from CDSL informing the same. This will also include date and time.

@ShubhS9 @nithin will T+1 settlement reduce the margin needed for index options selling

No, the margin requirements will remain the same.