Introduction of Weekly Options Contracts on NIFTY 50 Index


NSE has announced the introduction of weekly options on Nifty 50. Here are the contract specifications

Instrument Name OPTIDX
Symbol NIFTY
Expiry date Every Thursday of the week. In case the Thursday is a trading holiday, the previous trading day shall be the expiry/last trading day. All contracts shall expire at the normal market closing time on the expiry day or such other time as decided by Exchange.
Contract cycle 7 weekly expiry contracts excluding the expiry week of monthly contract. New serial weekly options contract shall be introduced after expiry of the respective week’s contract.

Note: All other contract specifications shall be in line with the monthly expiring NIFTY option contracts.
These contracts will commence trading from Feb 11th

Nifty 50 weekly options
Introduction of Weekly Options Contracts on NIFTY 50 IND
Nifty weekly starting on Feb 11th, how does life change for me?
Nifty weekly option


From when does this start ?


Ab Zerodha isme bhi restrict karega, 10800 market hai, toh 11000 ke upar ka CE nahi khareed sakte


Great news… hope it gets started soon :slight_smile: Was getting limited with only BNF weekly options.


This move will increase VIX anyway NSE want more business than should remove ASM and also provide overnight hold of F&O only in SPAN.




This is insanity ! Weekly options is pure sellers turf !
One one hand you promote speculation, on the other hand you complain about retail speculation. All this feels like retailers are an uninvited bunch of people in India’s stock market. Mr Nitin Kamat must atleast now understand that all this care about protecting retailers from huge losses is just hogwash.


Can someone please explain what are they trying to do …
on one hand capping retailers and on other hand introducing new segments
Bunch of buffoons


SEBI, NSE & all brokers want to generate huge revenues as Nifty is quite popular. So we would see more traders losing money now & institutions would start writing algos etc & make a fortune. Our markets are all screwed up by our regulators. Looks like only supreme court is controlling our country…


If we have buyers then there will be sellers, can’t blame the market or regulators. Options are meant for hedging purpose, Some see as as money making opportunities others see as gambling. Its up to the individual how to use it.

This is a open world no body forces to trade in particular segment. One who understands the risk and play the game will survive. Who ever wants to test their fortune will survive few times but end up with losses.


These contracts will start trading from February 11th.



At the same time…

when there are weekly options, the big guys would have big positions both in Call side and Put side Hence may reduce the volatility (my thinking). let’s see.

Also, may give good hint on the possible ranges especially on thursdays!


This will increase volatility. :slight_smile:


Trading begins next Monday. Let the HEDGING begin :stuck_out_tongue:


Absolutely fantastic news. A lot of us has been waiting for Nifty weekly options for long time. I am ready to take a whole lot of money from people buying these weekly options :slight_smile:


Nifty Weekly options start trading today - Check out this support article to know how to add it to your market watch.

Also, check out this post from Sensibull on things to keep in mind while trading Nifty weekly -


From when its been in trading.


From today.


Kite web is not having 'in the money options"(Nifty 14th Feb 10900 CE or PE)
Any specific reasons?