Invest in Sovereign Gold Bonds

I’m relatively new investor. Can someone please clear some of my doubts regarding SGB.

  1. There is going to be a new issue for SGB on April 20th, should I invest in that or buy previously issued SGB?
  2. How do I buy previously issued SGB from secondary market, and how will it show up in my Zerodha Kite portal (demat account)?
  3. For applying to newer issues of SGB, do I have to visit zerodha/gold? If not how to apply? On zerodha/gold, it’s available for buying even right now, even though the issue has not yet started.
  1. Add the listed SGB symbol on the Kite market watch and buy.
  2. Yes, you apply through
  1. You should go for the previously issued SGB in secondary markets… They are cheaper and will also have less lock-in…

For previously issues SGB , do we get the 2.5% interest also every 6 months?

Yes… it is 2.5% annually which means 1.25% every 6 months…

what about taxation? is capital gains exemption available?


hey thanks for the reply. but can you mention any document which supports this. i have been on hunt for some solid evidence for a long time but couldnot gather any.

RBI FAQ says that only transfers of units will lead to taxation. Redeeming of units with RBI is not a ‘transfer’. Also we have email confirmation from RBI on this…

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