Invested in REAC but now can't sell becaue it hasn't been trading

I trade through Sharebuilder and bought 712,000 shares of REAC (Real Estate Contracts INC COM) about 9 months ago for really cheap, something like .0001. Today I checked my account and it says this is worth $712,000 because the price is now at $1.00. I tried to sell but Sharebuilder says it is not a recognized symbol or stock. I contacted their customer service and he said this stock hasn’t been trading for a few months and he would look into it and let me know what I can do. Does anyone here have any knowledge about this and what I can do to sell? I tried doing some research and found one website that said this stock is private but it was only 1 website out of about 15 that said this so not sure what is going on. Anyone have any ideas?