Investing for ad infinitum

Marcellus Investment team (which was earlier at Ambit investment) do practice a variant of Coffee Can Investing, with monopoly as important factor.

Can I put money there?
yes, but i think minimum ticket size is 50L. Which is out of my reach.

Can strategy be replicated?
again yes… there are two approaches

  1. Marcellus team produces amazingly readable books, almost at the rate of a book per year.
    These books give insights about how a model can be built to create your own Coffee Can portfolio. This team is master storyteller so you won’t get bored even if there are formulas , balance sheets and so on…
  2. Marcellus team has all products investment portfolio public domain.
    Anyone can follow the blog , YouTube videos and get to know what stock they have invested. The relative sizing may not be known but still every investment and disinvestment is in public domain

Does it work?
Well, Although I am not invested in it, I admire the work and agree with philosophy …
….except that they have complete disregard to current market price (and hence P/E ratio and so on)
Anyhow flagship proucts returns against respective benchmark index are on their website

You can hedge your portfolio using options and generate even more returns.