Investing in all time high market

Hello All,

As the topic says, can anyone please tell /share information/tips/pros or cons as how to invest when market is all time high

FYI: i know i should do my own reserach/ read topics, just I want to know other people perspective/logic/mindset (whatever the right word may be) as how they’re investing in this all time high market



Don’t borrow money to invest. Pay all your debts first.

Find undervalued stocks (companies with no debt, free cash flow, higher growth, lower P/E) and invest in SIP every month, if you are a long-term investor. Invest 5 to 10% in SGB secondary market when the price is lower, have some of the money in safe high yield bonds. Have the emergency money in a bank with a higher interest rate/overnight fund.

Avoid investing in companies that haven’t made any profit / burning cash to run the business. (Amazon was a loss-making company in the initial years but it turned profitable after some years. But companies like Uber have never made a profit and we don’t know whether they turn profitable. Zomato is a loss-making company as well - If you are 100% sure they will turn a profit in coming years then you can invest in them.) But when interest rates hikes, the share price of loss-making companies will be affected.