Investing Mutual funds for beginner

I’m a new user and have little knowledge about investing in the market. I want to invest 5k monthly in direct mutual fund through coins for minimum 3 years time period.

  • My doubt is, what data should I look for while selecting the funds through coins.
  • Should I invest all the 5k in one fund or diversified into other funds too. If diversified, then in what type of funds should I invest?
  • Please suggest me some funds where I can start.

Would be really helpful, if someone can help me out.

invest all the 5k in one fund

I am not an expert by myself, but why do you people suggest person to invest all 5k in one fund ? He may loose some valuable time to collect stats from other funds if that thing will fail for example. I see it based on some poll or so, how it can be true.

Let start before investing learn type of mutual fund (nism module good fir that free available on internet), theirs returns and performance (Moneycontrol)

Now see basic thing before investing

  1. Rating
  2. Nav and it value
  3. Size of mutual fund
  4. Portfolio allocation
  5. Risk meter
  6. Returns
  7. TER (total expenses ratio)