Investing/Trading First time

I am new to stock market and I have 5k to invest/trade to learn. How should I start investing/trading?

Start with Investing.

If You know nothing about Market don’t even see yourself Trading even in Dreams.

You should start with Investing. Buy some Equity share in CNC. Track the Market. How price React.
Learn Everyday.

Once you gain confidence in Investment Than Try your hands on Intraday Trading with small amount of 5-10k.

But for now, Stay away from Intraday Trading.
Trust me You will lose all your 5k in Just 1 week.
I can give this in written on stamp paper.

And If you really wanna do Trading do in very small quantity in CNC order Type and Hold for someday and Than sell to learn.


I am also very new to the market. I am holding some stocks and watching how market works. Understanding the basics first. Once I am confident that I understand market even a little bit, I will try doing intraday trading. But long way to go… Follow news, go through varsity like materials. Follow companies, that’s how I am learning stock market.

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Thanks bro…Should I invest in a single stock or multiple stocks?

Again This is totally upto you.
Investing is a serious business.
Look for those company which have given good Results and you think in next Quarterly Results they will perform good in their business.

Choose those company which are in Profit and have potential of giving you atleast 10% Return till next Quarterly Results.
There are many companies which have this potential.

You can start with 1 stock but don’t put all your Funds in single stock.

Because I have seen people Invest in so many Stock then they exit from loss making stock and Invest that funds in some other Stocks.


Diversify your funds. Invest in multiple stocks so even if any one stock underperformed, the rest of the portfolio will balance it.


For starters / beginners the best would be to start investing small amount of money every month in nifty bees ( group of top 50 companies) or bank bees ( top banks both pvt and psu banks).From time to time if a company does not performs then it is excluded and a new company takes its place. Bank bees will be little volatile than nifty bees but still worth investing.
Happy investing !

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Investing: Buy 1 share each of your top 5 favourite companies and watch how they move. Maybe then slowly get you hands on their financial reports and start following other prudent stocks too. You’ll eventually get a hang of things.

Trading: The only way you can learn trading is by trading. You cannot learn by watching. So buy/sell 5 to 10 shares every day to see whether you are making money or not. If not, then make notes of why you are losing money and improve. You will realize what are the ways to improve once you get a hang of things again.


Iam a new entry . how I can buy shares, what details I have to give you. Iam nre account holder.

You can see the videos on YouTube on how to buy and sell shares. It’s very easy.