investment idea

which is the best mutual fund if u want to invest today?

  1. L&T Emerging Businesses Fund - Direct Plan - Growth

  2. Aditya Birla Sun Life New Millenium Fund - Direct Plan - Growth

  3. Aditya Birla Sun Life Pure Value Fund - Direct Plan - Growth

If you are new in stock market I would suggest you to Invest your Funds in Liquid funds.

These all funds are Equity Diversified in Long run of more than 5 years For sure Anyone who will invest Funds by SIP will get Good Returns.

( I have personal holding in all these above funds Do your own research plus set your goals as per your need )

This website will help out in selecting good mutual funds

Happy to see your post after long time bro…

Ohh thanks!! will look into it!

There’s no such thing as best mutual fund.

It depends on your risk appetite.

Say, you’re investing to buy next iPhone. It comes out in next 6-7 months; would be available in India in about a year - so your time horizon is ~1 year.

In this case, you cannot be exposed to high risk of equity; because if your investments tank, markets won’t have time to bring itself up and give you your desired returns.

Here, good liquid and UST bond funds would do.

But, if you’re investing to buy a house 10 years down the line; your risk appetite is different. Here, you should invest in 2-3 equity funds, and review performances year on year.

Finally, past performance is not indicative of future returns. If you check VR or Moneycontrol, it shows year-on-year performance of each fund. Some funds have given negative returns in one year, and high positive returns next year.

Some people think if they invest in high risk funds, and let an SIP run for 7-8 years; they’d eventually get the good stuff. High risk is a necessary condition for high returns; but it’s not sufficient. Don’t take a risk you don’t need to take. For that, you need financial planning (goal planning).

Finally, past returns has a tendency to overemphasize recent returns - if a fund’s 5 year returns are 18%, and last 1 year returns are 48% - it’s the last 1 year’s returns that’s making 5 year return look good. In the first 4 years, the fund has only given 11%. Always take past returns with a pinch of salt.