Investment Portfolio HDFC and BAJAJ Holdings

Hello Guys,
I am just been investing since 4 months and I needed some help with it as I want to be a long term investor.
I am invested in HDFC and Bajaj Holdings for now. And I am also interested in HDFC Life and HDFCAMC and also in Bajaj FInserv and Bajaj FInance.
Just wanted to know if I should invest in these stocks separately as well or just keep adding to HDFC and Bajaj Holdings.
Advice/Suggestion are much appreciated.
Happy Investing.

The only issue is that you are concentrating your holdings across just 2 companies with financial services as a dominant play. I’d personally be a bit hesitant to do this.

I’d suggest you invest in these companies directly as opposed to holding because when you buy the holding company, you are also exposed to the other group companies which may or not be doing as well as the core company you are invested in.

By the way, here is an interesting are about holding company valuation.

ok sure. I will keep that in mind and look into it. Thank you for the feedback.