Investment Related Queries and Information

Between Index funds,ETF and Nifty Bees which is best for Easy Any time Investment and Easy Any Time Exit and also per Returns.Any time means Whenever we want in Market Time and Price.

if you want easy entry and exit mutual fund is not the option. ETFs are the only way… this are traded on the exchange and can be bought and sold anytime during market hours and among the ETFs nifty bees is the most liquid one.

Can we hold Nifty bees for Long-term like 5 to 10 years, and do we get dividends on it and also can we do Intraday trading on it in Zerodha.

Yes, you can hold for 5 to 10 years.

Dividends received are usually reinvested and not paid out by the fund house.

Yes, you can also trade intraday. Only some very liquid ETFs like niftybees and bankbees are allowed for intraday trading at Zerodha.