Investment Strategy in a such bearish market

As the market is showing continuously negative move so should we refrain from investment or its the best time to invest in hope that it will recover in upcoming months?
MFs are also showing very poor performance

It is very difficult to access when this upcoming months will be, , 3tms, 6tms, 12mts, 24mts only time can prove.

Better not to do anything at the moment.

Wait and watch.

While looking at current market conditions and Experts advice ( Experience & Good ones )

  1. You can’t just Do nothing.
  2. Start Identifying stock which will give you Good returns in 2019 & 2020.
  3. This is year is for buying good Stocks at good valuation.
  4. Everyone’s Mutual funds NAV & Portfolio is down with Good Percentage. It’s not time to panic it’s time to identify Good Stocks.

This downtrend was much needed Why?

Because People were Full of arrogance that stock market is easy place to make money.

Just buy any Mid-Cap and hold for 1 Month and make your money double.

It’s a leaning for new people That anything which goes up Comes down with Double speed.


The market got its pace and we should start ivestment or still, we need to have the patience for a better correction?

I think time has not yet come to buy stocks , market is in a correction mode , some more downside expected , its better to wait some more time . i think 9800 to 9900 level is a good level to buy stocks and also elections are near , we can expect single digit % upside on Nifty. i think market will go in to a consolidation phase , If one is confident but not sure about the market moments , its better to buy ETFs , in case individual stocks may not come back , at least Indices will move

It’s Totally up to You after all it’s your money.

Coming back to your question I think Market will correct more in upcoming months not in very quick mode but it will be slow and steady Pace what I think.

Coming to Stocks There are many good Stocks which have recovered today from Lower Levels.

Now, If You wanna buy some Stocks and you think they are at attractive price to buy go ahead and buy but Don’t put all your money.

Say, if you want to buy 1000 Quantity buy only 250 quantity and if you get the opportunity to buy at lower level buy more.

First this is not “such a bearish market”.

Second, markets will have 30-40% are even bigger corrections. This is history and perfectly normal.

Third, NF trading close to PE of 28X is super bullish, always advisable to take some profit. I did when NF was at 11100. (i also posted a msg in this forum if it was right time to trim long term investments after i started trimming).

Fourth, I may be wrong and markets may go past 11k again. But NF @ 28X PE is time to book profit. So my advise if u still have long position, wait for pullback to 11k and trim some. Don’t panic about 30-40% correction.