Investments ! What are the better ways to invest?

Everybody have a plans to save some amount and invest evert month… But we won’t be able to save enough amount to invest. And if we start saving some money every month, But we don’t know where to invest.!! And when is the best time to invest?
As it is common that most of Indians prefer FD’s with the fixed % of returns, And investing some amount in gold…
Then later we think so invest in Equityies because they might get a higher returns, (Everyone likes to see their portfolio in green/profits) In the other side there is a risk factor as well. And most of them start to invest in some random stocks, and we may not get the expected returns.

Can somebody help us by sharing your views on how to pick a stock and how to analyse it before investing. And what be better for the long term investment. And what would be the ratio of investing in various segments.
And you all can share the best views and ways of investments we can do.

The best way to invest in stock is checking the mutual fund investment in that stock . This might give you the idea about fund managers interest in that particular stock , then filter it out by checking the PE ratio , BV , ROCE . You common sense about future prospects of that company , their promoters background , read research report from various source , don’t just follow anyone advice and the last but not the least research as much as you can , slowly and steadily it will come to you.

@mohitmehra Do StockReports+ by Zerodha helps in portfolio tracking? Is there any app/tool which helps in portfolio tracking to do a better investment, by which it would help to reduce the risk and gives a proper proportion to invest in equities / debt & liquid funds.

Stockedge is good you can make multiple watchlists with as many stocks you want also there are several other things and features which you will not find anywhere esle. (For a note it’s not a paid promotion)
Then make a strategy for your style of investing and test it how it delivers.