Ipo application rejected by Linktime

Linkintime registrar is rejecting my IPO Applications continuously.

Earlier I had made a mistake by Paying for my relative through my UPI ID by which was earlier kept fed in system.
Linkintime rejected both the applications of mine and that of relative.

But afterwards, I have been correctly applying but they are denying both applications and their customer support is very weak and talk like IVR only and no sense to understand or rectify.

Is their a way out to find solution related to this. This time, I have applied DCX Systems &
Bikaji IPO correctly with both accounts but have the fear of applications being rejected as Linkintime have been doing consecutively

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I don’t know so I am asking, is applying from a bank account same or different from applying with UPI?

I applied for a few IPOs through bank account and got allotted in some and did not get allotted in some, but don’t remember getting a rejection message.