IPO investing more than 2 lakhs

How can an Individual invest more than 2 lakhs in IPO?

@ShubhS9 Please answer.

You can apply for more than 2 lakhs through Netbanking ASBA. Your bid above 2 lakhs will be automatically considered in Non Institutional Investors category.

You can read this post to know the ASBA process.


So even Retail Investors can apply more than 2 lakhs.

But will be considered as Non-Institutional Investors category (Even though he is an Individual Retail investor)

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Hi, What Is The Difference B/W These 2 category Non-Institutional Investors & Individual Retail investor, I Mean what will Be The Terms changes, or Tax Or Withdrawal limit, time limit, or you may elaborate some basic things

Technically there is no difference between both categories, all terms remain same.

Only difference is number of shares available, max amount bid and allotment process for each category.
So total number of shares available for each category are different.
Also, for allotment, in simple terms:
Retail: Max application should be less than 2 lakhs. If issue is hugely oversubscribed, then allotment is based on lottery, regardless of number of shares you apply
NII: No limit on max application. Allotment is on proportionate basis. So if it is oversubscribed 50 times, and you applied for 100 lots, you will get confirmed 2 lots.

Once you have shares allotted, there is no difference between two.

That is not true. For NIIs as well lottery system is there if it oversubscribes too much.

@Shivam_Gupta Well for NII it depends on how many lots you have applied for. In simple terms
a) If no. of lots applied > no. of times NII oversubscription - then you get confirm allotment on proportionate basis
b) If no. of lots applied < no. of times NII oversubscription - then it is lottery

Eg. Issue is subscribed by 100 times in NII. Now if you applied for
a) 200 lots - then confirm allotment of 2 lots
b) 50 lots - then lottery with 50% chance of getting one lot

My point being, if you can judge oversubscription number and have money to apply for lots more than that, you can get confirm allotment in NII quota.
In retail, regardless of your application, once oversubscription is high, there is only lottery for allotment.