IPO shares allotment

I have applied for D-Mart IPO by mentioning my Zerodha client id via savings bank account. In case if I get allotment, will the shares be shown in Zerodha holdings on the day of listing and will I be able to sell it on the listing day ?

Thanks in advance.

  1. The basis of allotment will be announced on 16th March and if allotted the shares will be credited to your demat on or by March 20th. D-mart will be listed and will start trading on the exchanges from 21 March 2017.
  2. The shares will be displayed under your holdings, but you have to manually enter the allotment price from Q>Holdings>Add discrepant quantity. Check this thread for instructions.
  3. Yes, you can sell it on the day of listing.
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Thanks a lot Bhuvanesh!