IRCTC Lower Circuit Trend - Lockdown Impact

I plotted the trading days ahead until the lockdown, and ‘what if’ IRCTC hits lower circuit on each trading sessions,


It’s flattening the curve in another way.

IRCTC is break down now

it will surely enter LC again before 15th April

From the next day this thread was created, IRCTC started UC :slight_smile:

Haha… that’s how life is. what goes does up goes down as well. You can’t be correct all the time. We should take things with a pinch of salt.

The trains are currently derailed until 15th April. If it gets extended further, which means more number of positive cases and community spread, or once the passengers start getting the refund of tickets, it would again start falling. In between if quarterly results are declared, due to past performance, it may go up momentarily. This is in my thinking. I may be correct. I may be wrong. I created it as “what if” scenario for discussion. :pray:

No harm in creating this thread mate. I made a sarcasm.:grimacing:

IRCTC feels a lot like a operator driven stock.


News: Indian Railways to convert train coaches into isolation wards.
If you remember, on the cruise ships they discovered active coronavirus particles even 17 days later. Now if the train coaches are being used as isolation wards, then it would take much longer time for the trains to sanitise and get back on the track. Also today Indian Railways contributed Rs 150 cr to PM Cares fund.
What do you think these news would impact the stock price of IRCTC?

It’s so true man! Even I am laughing at myself now.

But on a serious note, I don’t know what is happening. I mean the lockdown may get extended (I think so, looking at the numbers). Also, if it does not nationwide and only in select cities and states, people still would be skeptical about traveling in unhygienic conditions of our trains. At least for some time. Still why is the share price is going up and up? Because it is already overpriced. Can anyone help me understand?

Okay, so the lockdown has been officially extended till May 3 and Indian Railways has to cancel 39L tickets.

Even if lockdown 2.0 is removed on 3rd May, the sanitisation and quarantine of the train coaches used as isolation wards would take another 14 days.

I would be interesting to see how investors treat the IRCTC stock now. I don’t know.