Is Audit Required, Profit Calculation, ITR,


I am salaried person with income of 6 lacs, I had done last year trading in Intraday, Delivery, F/o

My Turn over :

  1. Intraday Turnover : 2 Lacs , (Profit+Loss) , Loss of 8 Lacs
  2. Delivery (STGC) : Above 1 cr and less than 1.5 cr, Profit of 4 Lacs
  3. F/O : Less Than 13 Lacs, Loss of 3 Lacs

My Questions are :-

  1. Is Turnover calculation (Sum of all three) ?
  2. Is Audit is required ?
  3. Is Interest which paid to broker as Margin funding interest , Can be debit from profit ?
  4. How Profit/Loss is calculated Sell Value-Buy Value or We can Less Brokerage, SEBI Charges, Transaction Charges, GST etc ?
  5. Which ITR to be filed ? We left trading in all acounts.
  6. We don’t want to carry/forward the loss ?

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