Is binary options trading for real?

Is binary options trading for real?

Some sites like provide binary options trading. Is this real ? has any one tried it.

Please share your experience or suggestions.

I played binary options for around 6 months using candlesticks.

i made money for the time when I was disciplined and played in small lots.

i doubled my money and than one day I emotionally lost one trade. In order to make up, I played oversized and lost all my winnings.

i asked for refund of my initial principal, which I got it back on my credit card.

Yeah, Binary Options are quite popular outside India, especially in UK. You can can bet on the price movement between now and the next 60 mins, 120 mins, EOD etc. For example if Nifty is @ 8900 now, there will be a spread available, maybe quoting at Rs.20 for a bet that Nifty will hit 8950 in the next 60 mins. If you take the bet @ 20, and the move happens, you make 100, else u lose 20. Thats how these work.


It purely sounds like gambling (when you are right you make 100 and wrong you loose 20),better we can be a trader in indian markets rather than a gambler.

I dont believe those
Every option will have two outcomes, either you win or lose.
It has got nothing to do with your profitability!

Hi Piyush,
Which broker you used and are they reliable?. Will we get the payouts ?

I used startoption. I got paid my money back. But these companies are offshore and hence we are not sure of any legitimacy of these companies . I used them just as learning ground.

Hi Karthik, Is it legal in India to trade in binary options?

Dont think so.

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