Is Bracket and Cover Order available for Currency Options?

if yes then how do we calculate margin on CO-BO margin calculator page? do we change the premium or keep it as it is and just enter quantity?

CO/BO not allowed in currency options.

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You have the option of using BO in currency options except on certain days like weekly expiry.

No margins. You only get the advantage of trade and risk management

compared to NRML will margin come down if i use order type MIS to sell Currency Options?

You don’t get any benefit of margins in BO for options buying.

Can you use the BO to set target, sl, tsl?
You can do it with your own money funded without margins

There are times when I have seen and recorded margins of upto 30 percent. At the same time it’s not margins in the strictest sense.

If you are having enough money to buy 2 nrml you will have the ability to buy 2.7 lots mis

Again it only means that your ability to buy 3 lots will remain unsolved

You can check this.

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As I said you don’t benefit from margins.
You only get to use the set up to manage your trade in one click

cannot place BO/CO at all for currency options at zerodha.

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Anyways the margin requirements to sell Currency Options isn’t that much, just thought that if NRML margin to sell 10 lots is 15k it will come down to maybe 10k if BO-CO order type is available that’s it.

I checked it out today and it is blocked. You are correct