Is BSDA enough for ONLY Intraday trading instead of normal demat ac?

Yes it is enough,

Here is some more info on BSDA:

With a view to achieve wider financial inclusion, encourage holding of demat accounts and reduce the

cost of maintaining securities in demat accounts, SEBI directed the Depository Participants to

make the “Basic Services Demat Account”(BSDA) facility available to existing and new clients effective

October 1, 2012

People with following criteria can have a BSDA account

• Only one demat account can be held at one point of time where they are the sole or first holder

• Any other demat account/s where they are not the first holder shall be eligible for BSDA in respect of

the single demat account where they are sole or first holder

• Only one BSDA account can be in his/her name across all depositories

• Value of securities held in the demat account shall not exceed Rupees Two Lakhs at any point of time

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