Is buying paid courses for trading good?

Internet have everything what we wanna learn, but scattered. I don’t see there is any special or any secret, that these paid courses which worth thousands, offers. What you think about it?

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Good question but I would recommend instead of using that money on course you should buy book regarding suppy and demand trading or learn forex , and imply on stock market 24/5 trading session is enough to learn 6/5 trading session. And also learn about stop loss hunting and set and forget strategy if psychoogically weak.

I would recommend go with exness. Either trade via pro or raw spread .
And make sure to someones referral too if you open account on them it will help someone.

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How well can you swim just watching a youtube video of Alexander popov ? Some one to direct you to a path of market success is not bad. But ask two things

  1. Is the guru trading and making money with his strategy ?
  2. Is the strategy simple enough for you to execute day in day out among all that life throws at you ?

Thanks, will surely follow:)