Is gaming platform and markets same?

We should stop comparing markets to satta bazaar, I found on Twitter.

I get where Ashneer is coming from, but this comparison is really ridiculous. When comparing stock markets and online gaming platforms, there are bound opposites. Markets are an important part of the economy, because they provide so many opportunities for investors to grow their money while supporting businesses and innovation.

On the other hand, gaming platforms are for entertainment’s sake and not tied to economic growth in the same way. One should know that both serve different purposes and have different impacts on an individual level or when contributing to the government.

relax! not everyone who is rich is knowledgeable !

gaming is a contributor to the economy, its presence may not be felt now - but its important !

Ashneer is super pissed because he just started his new cricket fantasy gaming company and was hoping that it would be his third unicorn (his claim not mine).
This new rule just made his new company almost worthless, as no investor would be willing to put money. And hence the rant.