Is I need some help in coding an AFL for a strategy I have. Could anyone help? Thanks!

Please your afl or condition in detail

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the logic is like this.
2 indicators are used
MACD Histogram with params (fast avg-9, slow avg-24, signal av-9)
Fast stochastic with vals (period - 5, %k-3, %D - none) also values above 70 is considered +ve and values below 30 is -ve
Buy level

  1. at current point in time if MACDH is +ve and STOCH is -ve (less than 30), this becomes reference candle.
  2. now, go back and locate most recent candle in past from the current one which had STOCH as +ve (greater than 70)
  3. now take the highest high between these two candles. this becomes the buy line.
  4. the buy line can keep changing as we progress and once the actual price candle fully crosses the buy line, then this line is no more valid and search for next one begins.
  5. buy decision is upto the trader once the line has been crossed.
    PLEASE LET ME KNOW if this is programmable. i will then send the logic for short signal (basically opposite of this, however i will detail it once you confirm)
    thank you