Is IND money safe for investment in US stocks?


Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of YouTubers promoting IND money especially for US stocks investing stating that they don’t charge AMC or brokerage, but is it really reliable or are there any hidden charges?

Also, one more issue for me is that it requires too much permission and reads messages on phone which I don’t want.

Has anyone used the app and for investing in US stocks?

If yes, do share your experience and charges incurred by you, if any.

Btw @Bhuvan @siva when can we expect zerodha to launch something for US stocks, I’ve heard it’s been in pipeline for long but not out yet.

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May take few more months, no ETA yet.

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Are there any plans to do this or is it stalled? If its stalled, please tell why. If not, please tell when… Thanks

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Hi Anmol, we’re working on getting our NSE IFSC membership. You can learn more about NSE IFSC here:

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