Is Intraday a great method: What are the pros and cons of Intraday trading?

Would love to get perspective as I’ve seen a lot of people going all in.

Intraday , Swing, Positional, High frequency trading are different type of trading based on Timeframe.

Intraday traders are those who enter and exit the trades same day.

Pros :
(1) In intraday trading you get good leverage to trade.
(2) No overnight risk. (Gap up or gap down in stocks)
(3) Generate higher return on capital used due to leverage.
(4) In case of highly uncertain market(i.e. War like situation, covid 19 , budget day, election etc) This is best style to trade.

Cons :
(1) High transaction cost due to multiple trade(daily trading)
(2) High leverage can give good losses.
(3) It can exhaust traders and requires good screen time.
(4) Sometime good moves happens overnight so missed opportunity.

I have seen traders successful in both intraday and swing or positional, it all depends on your trading personality and how would you like to do trading in future if you plan to do it full time, find a approach that lets you live in peace and is scalable for when your capital grows in size.

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