Is it bad to share your profit making trading strategy

I know quite few people who are averse towards sharing their strategy with others. they say that how can i share my hard earned strategy. Is it wrong in sharing a profitable strategy. will there be any loss for them


I personally don’t think there is anything wrong in sharing a profitable strategy. The IP to most strategies is the person executing them. Just because Eric Clapton teaches me his guitar style/secret doesn’t mean I will become the best guitarist in the world.

Like they say, “Knowledge is most useful when liberated and shared”.


BTW what was your(Nithin) trading strategy while you are full time trader !!! :grin: :boom: :dart:



I had answered a few of these questions long back. Check this post.


Knowledge is the only thing which multiples by sharing.

If I know a good strategy I will share it.

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There’s nothing wrong in sharing your strategy. In fact you might get corrected by sharing it with people, who might be better than you in trading.

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@nithin same pinch sir … :stuck_out_tongue: i to dont have a habit of placing stop loss…i lost around 10000 :frowning:

PRACTICALLY - people who we called great trader does not understand the sentence - “There’s nothing wrong in sharing your strategy” :joy: :broken_heart:

Knowledge keeps growing when it was shared as it gives opportunity to learn. after years of trading now i was able to read the market and get constant profits out of the markets. so now i am sharing the views via

If you see logically it is not okay to share a strategy that is actually working. Because you are using that strategy against other traders and profiting that means other traders are loosing against you. Now if other trader start following your strategy you won’t have any opponent to trade against

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so nithin what is your strategy for intra day?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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