Is it boycotts or quality of movies which may affect movie related stocks?

interesting twit by anuj singal of cnbc

midcaps blasted, whereas multiplex stocks tanked. is it to due to flop of movies like lal singh chadda and ongoing boycott thng or quality of movies is bad?

in my city, multiplexes were empty for almost all dis movies

When you raise interest rates, people’s EMI is going to naturally they start spending less and cutting down costs. So they would watch OTT than to go to cinemas. I mean for real who is gonna go to big theater pay for amped up prices for food and parking. OTT might slowly replace cinemas if Interest rates are kept high. This is how economy works

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There were boycott calls for Kashmir Files as well by some left liberal intellectual class calling it a propoganda film. Still people flocked to cinemas to watch it.
On the other hand, there were appeals to watch Prithviraj. Some states even made it Tax free. Still it flopped.
So,it’s neither the effect of boycott calls, nor the interest rate hike or OTTs.
It’s the business as usual. Some movies are success some are faliures. Considering the success of RRR, KGF, Kashmir Files it doesn’t seem to Recession impact either.